Shipping Your Car? What To Ask

Whether you're moving to a new house or need to have your car on vacation and are flying ahead to the location, a car shipping service can be a great partner. Being able to pick your car up at your destination without having to spend hours in it can take some of the stress of your trip away. However, to help you know that your car is cared for along the way and nothing bad happens, you'll want to ask these questions of any service before you enter into a shipping contract.

Will They Help Prep the Car?

You'll need to know how a shipping service expects your car to be prepped before it is loaded on the truck. Some companies will ask the the car be emptied of any loose items that could jostle around and crack windows, for instance. While you can surely empty out the car, you need to ask whether someone from the company will help with additional measures and ensure that the car is ready to be put on the truck safely.

How Will You Know Where Your Vehicle Is?

In the digital age, there are many ways that you'll be able to know where your car is in relation to your own location, which can be important if you're driving a moving truck or just want to know that you'll get to the destination before the car does. You can also find out about potential problems if you're able to figure out where along the way your car is. Shipping companies will handle this in different ways, so you need to figure out which tracking and communication methods you're most comfortable with. Would you like to be able to directly contact the hauling driver on his smartphone? Are you satisfied with a GPS tracker? Find out what various companies nearby provide before deciding on a shipper.

Can It Be Stored?

There are many situations that could arise which could mean that you can't get to your car when planned. Your plane could be delayed, your work trip could be put off for a few days, for example. This can cause you to panic, as you may not want to have the car sitting alone in a strange place without a way to protect it. That's why it's a good thing to ask beforehand whether the car shipping service has a company warehouse or storing lot for situations like that. Many shipping services do offer some storage options for a fee, so ensure that you know what the possibilities could entail and how much you'll need to have in order to store the vehicle if necessary.

These auto shipping questions can give you the knowledge you need to feel comfortable about having your car hauled. Consult a few shippers to find one that offers the most appropriate services.