3 Cool Facts And Tips To Make Your Taxi Experience More Enjoyable

If have recently booked a trip to a large city, taxi services can prove extremely useful. However, standing on a curb trying to hail a cab unsuccessfully can leave a bad taste in your mouth as can a number of other issues. Fortunately, some cool facts and tips can help make your taxi experience more enjoyable.

The Art of Hailing a Cab

Hailing a cab is nothing like what you see in the movies. A cabbie is not likely going to pull up the moment you step to the curb. Unless you have some high-pitched whistle to catch a cabbie's attention, it is going to take some work on your part.

Step close to the curb and extend your arm out and up like a pro. Your demeanor should exude confidence. Be careful not to wave your arms up and down. Waving your arms up and down may send the wrong signal to a taxi cab driver. Waving your arms up and down is a universal signal that indicates you are looking for a ride to the airport. Save your frantic arm flapping for such instances. If you are only looking to travel a few short blocks, extend your arm up and out and form a "C" with your hand to let the driver know.

The Importance of Timing

If you are looking to get somewhere in a rush, then you need to know when peak time occurs. Peak time typically occurs between 4 and 5 pm when rush hour traffic takes place. During rush hour, there are several other individuals with the same goal in mind: hailing a cab.

Given that there are so many other people looking to hail a cab at the same time of the day, prepare yourself for the fact that it could take longer to hail a cab. If you are in a rush, it may be better to call ahead of time to schedule a pickup and drop off.

If, however, you are willing to battle it out on the city streets among the many others looking for a ride, you will need to up your game. First, do not stand on the same crowded corner as other potential fares looking for a ride. Instead, move up the block until you find an empty section of sidewalk.

If you do not mind hoofing it a few extra blocks in the direction you are traveling, you could always find a quieter block with not as many people looking to hail a cab. If there are other people nearby hailing a cab, make sure you keep your distance, that way you know if a cab stops for you or the other person.

If a cabbie happens to stop for someone else, you could always politely ask if you can share a cab. However, the person who initially hailed the cab has the right to say no, and so do you. You can choose to either share a cab or not share a cab with another person.

The Benefits of Conversation

The average age of yellow taxi drivers is approximately 46-years-old. Because of their age and experience, taxi drivers often have inside information regarding the best places to visit in terms of food and entertainment. They can also give you insider tips on how to behave more like a city dweller.

Make good use of your taxi ride by striking up a conversation with the cabbie. Many of them are willing to answer any questions you may have to help make your experience more enjoyable. Most cabbies know that the more enjoyable your experience is, the more likely it is that they will receive a tip.

Cabbies may provide information that is more useful than anything you can find online. If you are a first-time visitor to a big city, the itinerary you have in hand is likely a basic one printed from the internet offering popular go-to tourist locations. Cabbies can point you toward little-known hidden gems.

All-in-all these few tips can help you improve your taxi experience and perhaps even your overall city experience. Make sure you always provide a friendly demeanor to your cabbie. They often face a lot of rudeness throughout the day, so a little kindness from you can go a long way.

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