4 Suggestions For Getting The Most Out Of Your Party Bus Experience

If you are planning on renting and enjoying a party bus with some friends, there are a few things that you can do on your end to ensure that everyone has a great experience. #1 Keep It Legal Remember that party buses are still regulated buses. Only individuals who are over twenty-one can drink on the party bus. Do not try to sneak minors alcohol or sneak them onto the bus if they are not allowed. Read More 

3 Helpful Tips For Commercial Drivers Looking To Stay DOT Compliant

As a commercial driver, you're required by law to be DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant. Failure to do so could result in hefty fines, suspension of commercial driving license, and even jail time. Fortunately, these tips will help you stay compliant when on the road.  1. Stay Off Substances  Working as a full-time commercial driver can get lonely, especially if your business requires you to travel across state lines. This loneliness makes it quite easy to use substances, be it alcohol or drugs. Read More 

Tips To Minimize Airport Stress

Whether you are a frequent traveler or only occasionally step foot on a plane, navigating an airport can be stressful. You have to juggle luggage, security checkpoints, and connections, and at the end of this ordeal you still need to figure out how to get from the airport to your final destination. The following tips can help you minimize stress in the airport. Tip #1: Pack light Luggage limitations are here to stay, which means most airlines place strict limits on the amount of luggage you can check. Read More 

A Limousine For Your Anniversary

If your wedding anniversary is coming up, you may be looking for ways to make your spouse feel special. One measure that you can take to help make your anniversary more memorable and intimate is the use of a limousine. Here are a few reasons to hire a limousine service for your next anniversary. Privacy A limousine allows you to visit the beautiful sites of a city while still enjoying the privacy of a limousine's passenger compartment. Read More 

3 Tips For Eating In A Taxi

Riding in a taxi can sometimes be the most convenient way of getting around, and at least you don't have to worry about getting behind the wheel yourself. In some situations, you might be in a big hurry -- such as if you are on your way to a big meeting or to get to an airport -- or you might have been in a rush all day. Regardless, it can be easy to find yourself starving and ready to eat some of the food that you just picked up when you get into a taxi. Read More