4 Suggestions For Getting The Most Out Of Your Party Bus Experience

If you are planning on renting and enjoying a party bus with some friends, there are a few things that you can do on your end to ensure that everyone has a great experience.

#1 Keep It Legal

Remember that party buses are still regulated buses. Only individuals who are over twenty-one can drink on the party bus. Do not try to sneak minors alcohol or sneak them onto the bus if they are not allowed. On buses that allow mix-ages, wristbands may need to be given out to show who is twenty-one and who is not twenty-one. Be sure to follow the rules or your group could find themselves without a ride.

Also, keep in mind that party buses allow you to consume alcohol, not partake in other illegal activities. This is not the place to engage in drug use.

#2 Plan a Route

It is great to be spontaneous, but when you have a bus along for the ride, it is best to plan things out. Have a route planned for where you want to go and provide this route to the party company. This will help the party company ensure that they have a place to park the bus while you are inside of each venue on the route.

#3 Print Out the Plan

Print out the plan of where you will go and how long you will stay at each stop. This will help everyone in your group determine what to order and when to get the bill at each location. This will also ensure that everyone knows where to meet up and when they need to be there in order to get back on the bus.

Print out an itinerary and hand it to everyone the night of. You can also email the itinerary as well. However, printing it out ensures that everyone has a copy in their hands and no one can claim that their battery died and that they didn't know where to meet or when to meet.

#4 Have a Driver Communication Plan

In addition to giving the driver the itinerary for the evening, make sure that you have at least two designated people to communicate with the driver. You don't want everyone talking to the driver and overwhelming them. You want to have two designated individuals so the driver knows who to ask when questions or issues arise. Also, make sure that you provide the cell phone number of each individual to the driver, and that both of you get the driver's number as well.

Enjoy your party bus! Make sure to keep the drinking legal in order to keep the party going. Plan out a route, print an itinerary with stops and meet-up times for everyone on the bus, and designate two individuals to be in charge of communicating with the driver.

For more information, reach out to a bus charter service in your area.