Tips When Buying V2X Vehicles

Connected cars and V2X vehicles are starting to become extremely popular thanks to the innovative technology they utilize. They communicate with the surrounding environment to improve safety in a lot of different ways. If you plan on purchasing a vehicle that has V2X technology, use these tips. Ensure V2X Technology is Truly Safe Since a vehicle with V2X technology will be performing a lot of safety roles, you want to make sure the technology truly is safe. Read More 

Tips For Buying A Dump Truck For Your Horse Farm

Although you might have already purchased lots of different equipment for your horse farm, such as tractors and other similar farm equipment, one investment you might not have made just yet is in a dump truck. Many horse farms don't have dump trucks, and you don't need one in order to operate. However, when it's time to haul shavings for horse stalls, manure that needs to be taken to your compost pile or off-site for proper disposal, and more, you will probably like having a dump truck. Read More