Tips For Buying A Dump Truck For Your Horse Farm

Although you might have already purchased lots of different equipment for your horse farm, such as tractors and other similar farm equipment, one investment you might not have made just yet is in a dump truck. Many horse farms don't have dump trucks, and you don't need one in order to operate. However, when it's time to haul shavings for horse stalls, manure that needs to be taken to your compost pile or off-site for proper disposal, and more, you will probably like having a dump truck. You might find the tips below to be useful when it's time for you to buy a dump truck for your farm.

Consider Buying a Used Dump Truck

Your dump truck is probably going to get beat up when you're driving it on your farm, and there's a good chance that you want to keep your purchase price down since you might have to spend money on things like horse feed, hay, tack, and more. Therefore, buying a used dump truck might be a good idea when you're buying it for this purpose. Just make sure that you buy a used dump truck that is in good condition. Buying from a reputable used dump truck dealer and having the truck checked out by a mechanic before buying it are two things that you can do if you want to end up with a more reliable truck.

Look for a 4-Wheel Drive Dump Truck

Not all dump trucks have 4-wheel drive. If you're going to be driving into sandy arenas or muddy pastures, however, you might find that your dump truck will get stuck if it doesn't have off-roading capabilities. Therefore, if possible, you may want to buy a 4-wheel drive dump truck. Luckily, 4-wheel drive models are readily available, so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to find a dump truck that you can take to all different areas on your horse property.

Consider a Smaller Model

Although it's true that a dump truck can be handy when you're working on a horse farm, chances are good that you will need it for lighter duty use than what some people use their dump trucks for. Therefore, buying a smaller model might make the most sense. Then, it will be easier for you to maneuver the truck in small paddocks or other small areas, and you might find that a smaller truck will be cheaper to own and operate, too.

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