Tips for Riding in a Limo During a Funeral Procession

Some families choose to ride in limos from the funeral home to the graveyard during the funeral service of a loved one. Typically, the hearse and one or more limos will leave the funeral home together, followed by the vehicles of those who are attending the service. If you're a close family member of the person who has passed away, you may find yourself invited to ride in the limo with the other close family members. If you haven't previously ridden in a limo during a funeral procession, it's important to ensure that you act appropriately. Here are some tips that you'll want to keep in mind. 

Getting In

It's poor etiquette to open your limo door yourself; instead, when you exit the funeral home, wait next to the vehicle until the driver opens the rear door for you. By this time, you'll have an idea of how many people will be riding in the limo, and you can quickly assess how you should proceed. Whereas it might seem polite to let elders get into the limo before you, it's actually better to let these family members in last. That's because they'll want to sit close to the door, rather than climb across the vehicle's interior to take a seat. If you're younger and more nimble, you can get in early on and move out of the way.

Being Respectful

If this is your first time in a limo — not just in the funeral setting, but overall — it might be very tempting to be a little excited about this new method of transportation. Even if you're in grief, you might be eager to check out the limo's many features for its passengers. It's important, however, to act in a respectful manner. Remember, this is a time of mourning. While it's OK to put a window down for fresh air or use an overhead light if you need to, avoid turning on the TV or playing with any of the other functions.

Offering Help

There's a strong probability that those who are riding with you may be emotional during the trip. You can offer your assistance in multiple ways. For a funeral, the limo will typically be equipped with one or more boxes of tissues. Try to identify these when you get in, and when someone is emotional, you can quickly grab the box and pass it to him or her. Similarly, the limo will have a cooler with chilled bottles of water. Grabbing a bottle and offering it to a mourner can be a way to help.

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