Dispelling Valet Parking Myths

Ensuring that your customers have a comfortable and enjoyable time while visiting your business is important for helping to build loyalty among your customers. Unfortunately, parking can be one of the least pleasant aspects of visiting a busy restaurant or store as it can be difficult to find a suitable parking spot. Luckily, if you have an accurate understanding about valet parking services, you should be able to determine whether these services will be a good fit for your business's and customer's needs.

Myth: It Is More Cost Efficient To Simply Have One Of Your Employees Provide Valet Services

When business owners are looking to add valet services, they may make the critical mistake of simply assuming that designating one of their employees for this task will be the best option. However, it is a reality that valet parking can involve liabilities that could expose your business to the potential for expensive lawsuits.

In order to provide valet parking while minimizing the amount of legal risk that your business must assume, you should consider hiring a third party valet service. These services will be able to provide your enterprise with trained and experienced valet attendants. In addition to the experience and training, another benefit will be that these services are fully insured, which can shield you in the event that damage occurs to one of the cars that your valets park.

Myth: You Will Have To Have A Designated Parking Lot For These Services

While there are many businesses that may benefit from using valet services, they may avoid seriously considering this option due to a belief that the attendant will need to have a dedicated parking lot. However, these services can be particularly useful for these enterprises as customers may be hesitant about visiting an establishment where they must walk a great distance after parking. When your business does not have a suitable parking lot, the valet will park the cars along the streets, community parking lots, and any other legal areas that may be in the vicinity.

Retaining a valet parking service can be an excellent option for helping to enhance the experience your customers have when they patron your business. Understanding the legal liabilities that can accompany having one of your employees provide this service and the fact that you do not need a dedicated parking lot to retain these services can provide valuable insight into the ways that these services can help your enterprise to better manage customer parking.

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