Charter Buses For School Use: Helpful Hints And Tips

When you were a kid, you probably went on a few field trips. As a teen, there were some class trips, and maybe even a senior trip before you graduated. Usually, a school bus was the means of transport, but did you know that they were probably chartered buses? School buses run according to school needs. Anything outside of typical drop-off and pick-up times has to be paid for and scheduled far in advance, which makes it a charter. Here are some other suggestions for charter buses and transportation of students.

Long Distance, One-Day Trips

For this type of charter, your teacher, school, or class rents a bus for up to sixteen hours. You have the exact same driver all day. The cheapest route is a school bus, which will have to make several pit stops to and from your destination. The idea is to leave early in the morning for an event or destination (e.g., planetarium in the state capitol, theme park across state borders, etc.) and be back before midnight. You have the exact same driver all day, and that driver is the one whose salary you pay for for the day.

Short Distance, Shorter Trips

These are trips that do not travel farther than fifty miles or so. They last ten hours or less. Usually, if you need a bus to transport high-schoolers to an away ball game, you get at least fifty kids signed up and paid in advance to get on the bus to go. What you pay per person for the ball game bus charter depends on how long you need the bus, how far away the bus has to go, and how many teens you have successfully persuaded to sign up. The more teens on the bus, the less everyone has to pay.

Trips for Clubs and Organizations

Clubs, such as Drama Club, Art Club, and Music Club, often take trips to see things of import as they relate to what the club does. Organizations may also need the occasional charter bus. Community Helpers or Community Chest participants may want to travel to a major city with a high homeless population to give out blankets and food in winter. Chorus and Choir groups have to travel for competitions. All of the above are examples of how and why you would use charter buses for school transportation outside the realm of typical school hours.

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