Taking Your First Trip For Work? Use These Suggestions

When your boss asks you to take a trip for work for the first time, excitement might be the first thing you feel. However, as you start to plan and think about the trip, it's natural to begin worrying or feeling nervous about getting around and doing the work you need to do in another city. With these first-timer tips, the experience can be productive and fun.

Arrange Shuttle Service

Driving to one of the local airports or renting cars at each airport may seem like the most frugal choice if you're not taking your own car. However, looking for parking spots and wondering if your car is secure in an airport lot can give you stress on top of the stressors you have for the rest of the trip. Renting a car can mean a lengthy waiting process and other problems. Instead, it's best to just arrange shuttle service for yourself.

While many hotels offer shuttle services, don't be alarmed if yours does not. Hiring personal shuttle services to get you around town can alleviate a lot of the worry involved with travel. You can rest or work in the shuttle while in transport, and you don't have to worry about parking or other vehicle issues during your trip.

Have Extra Prescription

If you're living with a chronic illness or take medication regularly, planning to take sufficient amounts of your medicine is probably already being thought about. However, what you might want to have on hand is an extra prescription from your doctor. That way, if you lose luggage or misplace your medication during traveling, you can simply head to your hotel concierge and find the easiest way for you to fill the prescriptions you've brought along. You don't have to wait for your doctor to return your calls; the work has already been done.

Expect Delays

At every moment of your trip, expect delays. This will help you avoid panic and rushing around. If your plane is scheduled to depart at a specific time, for instance, assume that it could be late. Assume that the person you're meeting with won't arrive on time, and expect trains to run slower than you think they should. If you do this, you'll space out activities and already have factored in these delays during your planning.

These trip pointers are useful only if you keep them in your thoughts and use them when you're traveling. Work with your shuttle driver, hotel concierge, and other professionals to make this trip worthwhile.