A Look At The Perks Of Fleet Management Software For Trucking Business Owners

The fleet is the pulsing lifeblood of the trucking business. The fleet management software can make sure this lifeblood is operating effectively, safely, and efficiently. Here is a look at some of the perks of fleet management software. 

Change routes with ease with remote rerouting capabilities. 

Fleet management software can deliver live traffic information, which allows you to keep an eye on a route and adjust when necessary to allow the driver to make the best time. Even better, the software can allow you to send rerouting information electronically to the driver. 

Get instant alerts to keep your fleet and drivers safe on routes. 

If you are working with a good fleet management software, you can set up the software so monitors at the office get immediate alerts when something is wrong with one of your fleet vehicles. With each vehicle outfitted with a telematic control unit, you will be getting feedback all the time, but the unit can also be set up to detect when there are problems with things like:

  • low battery levels 
  • speeding 
  • long idle times 
  • engine problems 
  • veering off route 

With the instant alerts, you can immediately reach out to a driver to find out what is going on so the issue can be corrected or tended to. For example, if you see one member of your fleet has sat idle for a long period of time due to an alert, you can reach out to the driver to find out what is going on. 

Gain the advantage of sharing live delivery tracking with clients. 

Clients these days expect that when they are anticipating a delivery, they can log onto a device somewhere and see where their freight is located. With good fleet management software, you can offer live tracking to clients because the software is going to automatically generate that information for your own internal purposes. As a trucking business, offering this kind of convenience to your clients can generate a lot of attraction to your freight-carrying services. 

Streamline compliance processes for trucking. 

Compliance in the trucking business means staying on top of a lot of fleet-related and driver processes. From tracking hours of service to managing miles logged by any one driver, a good fleet management software automatically records this information and saves the data. Therefore, when it is time for audits, you have everything ready to go at your fingertips and there are fewer ways to get stuck with a violation.