3 Charter Bus Home School Group Trip Ideas

Charter buses provide comfortable travel accommodations for groups and allow everyone to experience travel together without the need for multiple vehicles or flights. If you run a home school group or home school your children, then you can take advantage of a charter bus rental to provide educational resources for the children on the trip.

Check out some field trip ideas and ways to expand hands-on education for children.

1. National & State Parks

All across the United States, there are large national and state parks worth exploring. The protected areas of land provide a unique look at nature and showcase some of the most beautiful elements of the United States. A home school group can utilize the parks in multiple ways. The students can explore the parks and experience the great outdoors.

The students can learn about science through some of the natural features the parks have to offer. Many parks feature picnic areas where students can eat, study, and expand on their knowledge of the natural surroundings. The open-air is also a good place to read and enjoy various books.

After the trip, students can present projects on what they learned about the parks.

2. Historical Landmarks

A chartered bus trip is an ideal way to explore some of the United States' most prominent historical landmarks. Students and parents can go to locations like Washington, DC, Gettysburg, or Mount Rushmore to learn more about the history of the United States.

On the way to the location, utilize a bus's television to showcase documentaries about the historical locations and what makes the areas so significant. Learning about the locations will help the students appreciate the trip more and have a better understanding of US History.

Some locations will offer student programs where students can engage, learn, and complete activities.

3. Large Shopping Centers & Plazas

A chartered bus can transport large groups of students to popular shopping centers. Examples include the Mall of America in Minnesota or Quincy's Market in Massachusetts.  A large shopping plaza isn't just a place to spend money. Home school groups can find many opportunities for children to learn and grow.

Students can learn how to budget money, price out taxes, and plan out various costs. The shopping centers often feature large food courts where the kids can learn about and try a wide variety of meals.

Many of the bigger shopping areas also feature movie theaters. Seek out educational movies and documentaries the whole group can watch together and report on later. A charter bus will feature plenty of space for any shopping bags or items you bring home from the trip.

Once you plan your first trip, it will be easier for everyone to plan out a charter bus rental in the future.