Benefits Of A Two-Axle Dump Truck

When you shop for a new or used dump truck, the number of axles that this vehicle has is something that should be on your mind. There are dump trucks on the market with many different axle setups. While some trucks have three or even four axles, another model is a two-axle dump truck. This means that the truck has one axle at the front and one at the rear. While this type of truck won't be able to carry as much weight as models with more axles, it has a number of advantages that you should consider.

More Affordable To Maintain

A big incentive for owning a two-axle dump truck is that it's more affordable to maintain than its counterparts that have more axles. Trucks with more axles have more parts that you need to replace due to regular wear and tear — this list includes tires, wheels, the axles themselves, and all sorts of other parts that can be expensive. A two-axle dump truck has far fewer parts that require regular replacement. For example, if you have a dual-tire set up at each end of the rear axle, you'll need to buy four new rear tires at certain times. Trucks with multiple axles will necessitate buying significantly more tires.

More Road Access

When you drive around, and especially if you're on smaller roads, you'll occasionally see signs that prohibit certain vehicles from driving on certain roads. Often, these signs will reference the number of axles a vehicle has. For example, you may see a sign that prohibits trucks with three or more axles from using a certain road. Your two-axle dump truck will be able to legally use such a road, however, saving the time that you'd spend circumventing the road in a truck with more axles.

Shorter Turning Radius

A two-axle dump truck can turn around in a much tighter area than a dump truck with more axles. The latter type of vehicle is significantly longer, which means that drivers can sometimes encounter areas in which they simply do not have room to execute a multi-point turn. This means that the driver would need to back out of the area, which can be hazardous in certain locations. The shorter body of a two-axle dump truck means that it's often possible to turn the vehicle around in a tight space, allowing you to safely drive forward out of the area. Learn more about two-axle dump trucks at a dump truck dealership such as Hoelscher Bobby Trucking Inc.