Three Tips For Handling Over Dimensional Freight Shipments

Any time that you are looking to be a good steward over your trucking hauls, you need to be certain that you are handling every logistical matter. In this regard, over dimensional freight requires specific considerations. Over dimensional freight refers to loads that exceed typical or legal limits in weight or other specifications. Take advantage of these tips below so that you are prepared any time you're dealing with one of these oversized hauls. Read More 

Shipping Your Car? What To Ask

Whether you're moving to a new house or need to have your car on vacation and are flying ahead to the location, a car shipping service can be a great partner. Being able to pick your car up at your destination without having to spend hours in it can take some of the stress of your trip away. However, to help you know that your car is cared for along the way and nothing bad happens, you'll want to ask these questions of any service before you enter into a shipping contract. Read More 

Tips for Riding in a Limo During a Funeral Procession

Some families choose to ride in limos from the funeral home to the graveyard during the funeral service of a loved one. Typically, the hearse and one or more limos will leave the funeral home together, followed by the vehicles of those who are attending the service. If you're a close family member of the person who has passed away, you may find yourself invited to ride in the limo with the other close family members. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Flying On A Private Chartered Plane

When traveling via airplane, you generally have two big choices. You can either fly via a commercial aircraft or a private one. While both are effective forms of transport, traveling via a private chartered airplane has a lot of excellent benefits. This article is going to discuss 3 benefits of flying on a private chartered plane.  Save Time  One of the biggest bonuses of flying on a private chartered plane is the fact that you are going to save so much time during the actual flight. Read More 

Getting A Little Chubby As A Truck Driver? Use Protein To Improve Your Health

Driving a truck can be a financially rewarding experience for many, but it can also cause serious weight gain and other health problems. However, a diet high in protein can help keep truck drivers healthy and improve their career in a variety of ways. Protein And Weight Loss Protein is an important food source for truck drivers because it can increase the metabolism, decrease appetite intensity, and decrease weight gain and belly fat. Read More